I forgot to blog…

I keep forgetting to blog. It sounds silly, but I do. I get busy, think “oh I should take pics while I do this then I can blog about it” … I take pics, I upload to facebook, then never get around to coming over here and doing it.

I want to blog, I really do. I used to blog, over at Xanga, I loved my little Community, my subs, my subbers … but it’s harder now to have to have a totally separate thing going on. And between the facebook friends, the facebook groups, the whole fact that my life is just crazy right now, I have my own home & yard to look after my own activities, raising a teenage daughter on my own … my blog ends up coming last half the time. This is the THIRD one I have started, mostly started because I HAD to comment somewhere, then I think OOH I’ll just do it, I miss blogging and having that comeraderie with other people … then, nothing. It’s hard when you know you’re not really talking to anyone. Yet. I know that the more I post the more I travel around to other people blogs etc, the more people I’ll “meet” and lots of conversations and comments etc… and I know I don’t have tons of time and I HATE leaving people hanging, feeling ignored, who are nice enough to comment, ya know?

For now, I’ll leave a picture something I’m growing,which will eventually go somewhere in my yard — when it stops freaking snowing overnight!  My yard is a work in progress; it’s never ever gonna be one of those yards that leaves a person breathless, but it’s always fun to putter around, grow flowers and food & share it with my neighbours (the nice ones). This is the first year I’ve had good luck in starting seeds indoors, and I am SO GLAD that Moonflowers are one of the things I decided to try this year! They’re very different from anything else I’ve grown, those baby leaves are somethin’ else! Those big leaves were ALL rolled & folded up in the the seed! Who knew? I’m enjoying growing them & checking back with them every day to see if they grew some more … hopefully, I’ll be posting pictures of my fence COVERED in moonflowers in a couple of months!

All the best to anyone reading … 🙂